Who pays for the Fancy Feast?

by Muzz

Sittin’ at home with my d– no, wait; I was sitting at home, but I was watching House Hunters International. I don’t remember where they were- Sweden I think- anyway this young couple picked out the house they wanted and made an offer, but then some other fella out bid them and took the house right out from under their feet… or did he?  Turns out, Out Bidder (whom I shall refer to as “OB” henceforth) is allergic to the cats that live in the house (yep), so the young house hunting couple were able to move into their dream home after all. A number of twists in a show that usually includes none.

Huh?  Why didn’t OB notice the cats when he was checkin’ the place out? Were they hiding in the laundry? Shouldn’t the cats -who, evidently, are the actual owners of the house- be party to any negotiations? Or at least be a negotiable item, like window treatments?  Will they pay rent?   And to the previous owners: Why didn’t you bring your cats with you? In my head, this is what went down:
Previous Owners: We’re moving.
Cats: What? Why? (sniffle sniffle)
PO: I got a new job.
Cats, now sobbing: This is our home! We have friends here! You ruin everything! rrraaaawrrr…. We’re staying!
PO: I’ll wrap you in this towel and you can ride on my lap in the car.
Cats: NO! hissssssss! raaaaar!
PO: Fine. Bye.


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