So What The Hell Is This, Anyway?


Sorry, are we rolling? We are?


So, um, thanks for coming by. I know what you’re thinking, “Oh great, just what the world needs, another blog”, right? Well, think of it this way…it keeps us off the streets where we’d just be more competition on the unemployment line, you know what I mean? Look, times are tough. No one is getting anything published, no one is buying any artwork, the screen actors are all about to go on strike and the Great White Way has suddenly turned dark and gray and well, mediocre. So what are a bunch of artists, writers, comedians and actors supposed to do to keep their right brains from getting all flabby and tricking us into thinking we should get jobs? 

We’re doing this; blah blahhhhing on everything from soup to nuts in an attempt to keep ourselves from glugging bleach.  Coming up, expect to find a little more information on each of our authors; a little bio, perhaps a funny anecdote…now understand when I say “expect”, I mean that in the way we all “expected” to find steady work in our chosen professions. It might happen. You just gotta believe.

Oh, check out, to your right, a link to something called “Strike TV”. Our very own Royweena is currently starring in 4 webisodes of a show she co-wrote, “Hold Please”. Watch it. Love it. Comment favorably. Because here at DAK, we believe in making our own rain, that’s why.

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